Simikot Limi Valley Trek

Duration 20 Days
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The hidden Simikot Limi valley is an ultimate trekking circuit, where traces of  Tibetan way of life can be seen. Situated in the northern most part of Nepal, Simikot Limi is home to both the Bhotias, and the Khasas. The Simikot Limi trekking region is known for its spectacular passes of Nara La and Nyalu La. It is an ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route that connects the borders of Nepal and China .From here splendid views of the Himalayan range is quite prominent.

Trekking in Simikot Limi valley Trip is an elusive off the beaten trail. This trekking route is a distinctive wilderness walking holiday in Nepal. Simikot Limi valley trekking region is home to elusive and exotic wildlife. You get an opportunity to see the snow leopard, Himalayan blue sheep, jackals, Tibetan wild ass, and musk deer. Simikot Limi Valley trek is a splendid place, where gompas, traditional houses and monasteries are one of the mainstays of this journey.

Your 20 days trekking trip starts from Kathmandu to Simikot via Nepalgunj trekkers by a scenic flight. It passes through various hamlets, picturesque terrain and monasteries. Your entire trek journey varies from moderate to strenuous, including high altitude trekking for many hours each day. The best season for this hike is from May to October, as the passes are likely to be covered in snow the rest of the year.

Mission Nepal Holidays is one of the best providers of Simikot Limi Valley trekking in Nepal. If you are looking for a unique kind of adventure than this trekking circuit is the best one to be in. Our highly experienced trekking crew members will safely take you on this exotic journey that is rewarding and memorable.

Tour Length 20 Days Price per day USD 144
Tour Type Price per day USD 144
Age Requirement - yrs Price per day USD 144
Group Size - people Price per day USD 144
From USD 2,865