Muktinath & Janaki Mandir 10D/9N

Janaki Dham
Duration 9 Days


Janakpur has become an excellent pilgrimage site for Hindus today. the foremost sacred sites are the Janakpur Mandir, dedicated to goddess Sita, the Ram Sita bibaha (marriage) Mandir, built over the spot where Ram and Sita were said to be married, Ram Mandir, dedicated to God Ram, and therefore the holy pond Dhanush Sagar. many Indian and Nepali devotees come here every year to pay their respect to the goddess at this temple.
Besides the religious importance, Janakpur is additionally the center for the revival of the ancient Mithila arts and crafts. As a standard, Mithila women have always been decorating the walls of their houses with paintings depicting figures from Hindu mythology in abstract forms, sometimes resembling a mandala.

Muktinath is a holy place both for Buddhists and Hindus located in Muktinath Valley (behind the Great Himalayan Range) at an altitude of 3,800 meters. Mukti Kshetra which accurately means the "place of freedom or moksha" or where the temple of Muktinath is situated, is stated in the Hindu Sacred scripture such as the Ramayana, Barah Purana, and Skanda Purana. There are 108 divine water springs where pilgrims take a ceremonial bath. An everlasting blue flame keeps burning in the temple.

Every year thousands of Hindu disciples come to this Temple from around the world. This Temple is one of the famous divine places for Hindus & Buddhists, so every year thousands of visitors visit this, Temple. In this temple, there is a blend of cultures Hindu God & Buddies priest. Jhuma (Priest) of this Temple is not acceptable to marry anyone.