Explore hidden canyons in the freshwater rivers and springs of Nepal for an enriching body and mind experience!

An unusual adventure sport, canyoning is about coming down a watery canyon by either abseiling, jumping, or sliding through breathtaking steep canyon walls and waterfalls into deep pools of water below. Nepal’s refreshing waterfalls, formed among the deep gorges, are perfect hidden havens for hardcore thrill seekers who are in search of a new adventure. Canyoning in Nepal has also been recommended by The Lonely Planet.

Canyoning is a very popular activity during summer and monsoons. Activities range from simple “rock and slide” to more adventurous options. Canyoning activities are offered at Jalbire Canyon, Panglang, Bhotekoshi, Pokhara and  Charaundi Canyon located along the white sandy banks of the Trishuli river in Dhading district.